Day 3


So obviously, NaBloPoMo didn’t get off to the best start. But as I’ve been learning in a healthy lifestyles class, life is all about looking forward and planning your next step – not beating yourself over past mistakes.

What did you miss?  Well, the plan was to make sweet and salty pumpkin seeds on Friday, glittery leaves on Saturday, and mac&cheese today.  If you’re bummed about missing these, don’t worry! They’ll probably be featured in some future posts.

Why didn’t it work out? To put it simply, I chose to live in the moment – and I don’t regret it!  Life got in the way, but in happy forms: a school dance, developments with a cute boy, a surprise birthday party, and bonding time with new friends, just to name a few.  Sure, I could have squeezed in a few simple photo posts, but I didn’t, and that’s okay with me.

So today I’ll just leave you with these explanations, and the promise that I’ll work on getting some real content up for the rest of the month. Happy November! (:



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