Day 6: Wishlist Wednesday #1

WLW1Hello, friends!

Wednesdays are always a little tiring, aren’t they? Luckily, today I was blessed with an hour long nap and some free Cookiedoodle coffee.  In case you weren’t so fortunate, I decided to make your life a little easier and just show you some loveliness I’ve been lusting after.  They’re all way out of the college budget, but maybe you’ll find something in your price range – or at the very least, you can dream with me. (:

  1. Waterproof Crossbody via Ikabags – $94
  2. Love Letters – Stamped Antique Silver Heart Hoop Earrings via BlondeChick – $18
  3. Oversized Beehive Beret via Pixiebell – $45
  4. Venice Beach Pillow via NestaHome – $20
  5. “Raven” Statement Necklace (Leather!) via LoveAtFirstBlush – $65
  6. Octopus Tentacle Coffee Mug via Wildcardpottery – $31

Hope you’re having a wonderful Wednesday!


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