Day 4: Monday, Monday


A few simple joys in my life today: sleeping in an hour later, going to chapel with a cute boy who has the BEST smelling cologne, winning $250 in a photo contest, and festooning my door with pretty glitter leaves.

Let’s not talk about the little annoyances life brings us (*cough* pop quiz in chemistry *cough*)… Let’s face it: the good things REALLY outweigh them today.

And these leaves are definitely a good thing.


You’ll need:

Fake leaves (in a bunch or loose)

Modge Podge (Elmer’s Glue works too!)




Hole punch

Paint brush

Tape (not pictured…)

Here’s what you do:

  1. If your leaves are in a bunch, cut them off of the stems.
  2. On a covered, disposable surface (think newspapers, a plastic tablecloth, etc.), spread out the leaves. Coat each leaf with Modge Podge. If you’re working with a lot of leaves, you’ll want to work on small batches at a time.
  3. Sprinkle glitter over the gluey leaves. I found it worked best to hold the leaf that was being covered over another gluey leaf, so that the leaf underneath caught most of the excess glitter.
  4. Let the leaves dry. Gently shake off excess glitter.
  5. Punch a hole at the base of each leaf.  Cut off one long piece of ribbon to make a garland, or multiple shorter pieces for hanging leaves.
  6. Thread the ribbon through the holes. If you’re making hanging leaves, tie the string in a knot around the base of the leaf.
  7. Hang your lovely work up, and enjoy!

The original instructions come from the wonderful 6th Street Design School (and yes, I am just a little jealous of their beautiful photography.)

boxwood clippings_diy falling leaves garland

Happy Monday, everyone! (: